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  Choosing the right keywords for your products is essential if you want to be a successful Amazon seller. The right keywords will increase your searching rank, sales, and, eventually, profits. Although Amazon is a platform for selling and purchasing products, when buyers are looking for products to buy, and they type the crucial words for searched products, Amazon is working as a search engine. It will show the most  relevant  products to the keywords buyers typed. This is why keywords are so important, they are the direct link between your products and buyers. Even if it looks too apparent what keywords to use for your products, this is not that simple. The competition on Amazon is fierce, and you’ll need additional tools to determine the best possible keywords for your products, to rise from the crowd, and grow a successful sales business. Some of these tools can be found online for free, while others will cost you some money. Whatever option you choose, think twice because this app is one of the essentials for a successful business, and purchasing this tool, you’re directly investing in your store. 

  In this article, you’ll find some of the best keyword research tools, so read on.

best keyword research tool for amazon

Amazon Keyword Tool

  This Amazon keyword search tool is straightforward to use, and you can purchase it for $69 per month so you can use all of its features. It has many beneficial features besides choosing the right keywords, such as discovering profitable niches and products. 

  All you have to do if you need to find relevant keywords is to type the first keyword that crosses your mind, and the tool will generate a list of other related keywords. Amazon Keyword Tool has four principal metrics:

  1. Search Volume  – This is the search volume of your keyword every month.
  2. Trend  – Current trending position for the typed keyword on Amazon.
  3. CPC  – The highest bidding advertisers pay in Google for the keyword.
  4. Competition  – The number of merchants bidding on the keyword on Google.

Keywords Everywhere

  This Amazon SEO tool is entirely free and offers excellent features. It comes as a Chrome Extension and allows you to see the search volume for any given keyword, right on Amazon’s page. 

  When you type in the search bar, besides every keyword, suggested and the one you typed, will be the number of the monthly searching volume. Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimations that are not 100% accurate all the time, but it’s enough to get you started.

  One other very cool feature with Keywords Everywhere is the Keyword Density Analysis. While you are on Amazon and you’re reading the product’s page, just click on the Analyze Page button on your plugin, and you will get a list of keywords that are used on that page, along with their keyword density and some other helpful metrics. 

Keyword Tool Dominator

  This efficient Amazon keyword tool will help you track long-tail keywords that your target buyers are searching for. When you find those long-tail keywords, add them to your title or body copy, to make your product page more visible. This Amazon keywords generator can be yours for a one-time purchase of $39.89.

It’s pretty simple for use, you just need to type your keyword with the * before or after the word, and the tool will generate your other keywords.


  With some excellent features and completely free to use, this Amazon keyword tracker tool is a pretty great deal! It’s very easy to use, you just need to type your chosen keyword and press search to get a list of highly relevant keywords used for the particular product. The list of related keywords can even be downloaded to a CSV! You can also filter your generated keyword ideas by:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Advertising cost per click
  • SEO difficulty
  • Eliminate some words from the list

Helium 10

  Helium 10 has insanely powerful features, and one of them is their Magnet 2 keyword search tool, which is currently listed as one of the best and most accurate tools for finding relevant product keywords. You can use this tool for free to find up to 20 relevant keywords, but if you’re serious about your sales business on Amazon, you should definitely sing up for their account and try all of their great features. By typing your main keyword, this tool will generate a list of relevant keywords and will show you some high-level data about your word. Filtered search is also one of the features this app has, as well as the Word Frequency, which will show you the keyword density analysis. 

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