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amazon product listing optimization

Amazon listing optimization gives product high ranking and great impacts on sales. Vendors and sellers list their products on the very basis of their Characteristics and prices. Products are listed on its relevancy to the search or the keywords the customer search, the more relevance your product is the higher the rank on Amazon product listing. The main thing done on Amazon product listing optimization is enabling your product to be found every time a customer searches a keyword relevant to your item. By doing this, it positively impacts your product sales and organic ranking. 

What is the A9 Algorithm?

In Amazon product listing optimization , the Amazon A9 algorithm is used. This a method that has proved to be very effective and distinctive of all. Before even the customers type the keyword, the A9 algorithm has read all the data in the market place then scans, analyses and stands to feed whatever the customer keys in with an instant suggestive solution in every keyword searched. In utilizing this A9 algorithm, you have to include all the keyword on the title that the customers search. Amazon has done this analysis and understands what the customer search more frequently and understanding this makes you know what to contain in your Amazon product title optimization .

What is so important in this Amazon product listing is not just having your product listed but having it at the highest rank whenever the customers search. In ensuring that your product is highly ranked in the Amazon product list, you should consider the following essential elements;

  1. Product title – I can say that product title is the most essential and vital element seller that should be designed to ensure that their product comes at the top of the search. With the product title, it should contain all the keywords that the customer will search at the start. It’s an advantage that with Amazon product title you have 500 characters which give you enough space to design your product title. You have all you want to describe your product in the product title all the space to go into details. The analysis shows that a product title that has all its main product elements (Brand, name, model number, color, size, and price) to the start of title fares well in the search, therefore, it is important to have all the important product element description at the start of the title.
  2. Product Images – Amazon product listing has image requirements but there are certain things one cannot ignore or avoid when listing their product. I recommend that product images should be about packaging, size, product at work, multiple colors, and product multiple dimensions. This gives the viewer a clear picture and vivid expectation of the product.
  3. Product Features Highlights – This is the part below just after the price and product option on the Amazon product list usually in bullet point that gives customers the urge to learn more and try the product, it irritates the desire to dig into the product text in Amazon listing . Highlighting the main feature of the product and its benefits attract and draw more attention to the product.
  4. Product text – This is the product description although to many, it is an optional part to read but it is important to have it, this part describes your product in broad giving it its full features and abilities. I can say it’s where the customers clarify everything they question in the highlight and satisfy their curiosity. A well-designed product description or text always convinces the customer to make buy decision-making is essential to Amazon listing.

Final thought

Amazon listing optimization allows the sellers to increase their sales and listing in Amazon. When you think that you have listed your product I do say you have started because most of these products you see on Amazon are under optimize and when you think it’s all, we give you room and you should continuously improve your listing. At Amazon, it is not always done and you have got all you need to keep improving and optimizing. Optimization is continuous with products listed on Amazon products daily and others are learning how to optimize their product. It is wrong to think that listing your product ones is enough but Amazon offers you optimization service all the time.

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