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Reviews are important for both customers and sellers. In fact, over 90% of buyers rely on reviews to make online purchases. But not all reviews are positive and genuine – people are no longer trustworthy as they were years back. Some businesses pay people to write good reviews for them – others write negative reviews about their competitors to push buyers to themselves.

For Amazon sellers, having too many negative reviews can reduce sales significantly. In the same way, fake product reviews mislead buyers – causing them to spend money on items that would not solve their problems. While Amazon uses customer reviews to rate online business, it is important that you check whether your product reviews are legitimate or not. This is where a review checker amazon tools come to play.

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What is a Review Checker?

An amazon reviews checker is an app that analyzes all customer reviews and creates a report. As a seller, it is not possible for you to follow all the reviews that customers post on your site or product page. As a matter of fact, most of the reviews will go unnoticed.

Using an amazon review checker ensures that you get all the review details right because it filters reports and separates positive and negative reviews. In addition, review checkers are capable of spotting reviews that are not genuine.

Fake reviews are posted by malicious people who do not want other amazon businesses to succeed. To spot fake reviews on amazon, you need to pay attention to:

  • 5-star ratings that are accompanied by very short comments or no comment at all.
  • Reviews that do not have the headline “verified purchaser”
  • Similar language used on different reviews by the same person

There are free and premium review checkers in the market. Prices of premium checkers vary based on specific features.

amazon review checker

Why Should you Use Amazon Fake Review Checker?

Customers are the only reason businesses exist – satisfying them is critical to the success of any business. When it comes to marketing, customers tend to trust what other customers say about an item more than they sellers. This is why customer reviews matter to online businesses, they can make or break a business.

To ensure that your reviews reflect the experiences your customers have with your products, here are 4 reasons why you should get an amazon fake review finder:

Enables you to Spot Negative Reviews

Review checkers are capable of analyzing customer reviews and picking the negative ones. Once a review checker spots negative reviews, sellers can track the customers who leave negative reviews, listen to their complaints and offer them the solutions. When doing so, sellers can also convince them to change their review in a way that reflects the business in good light.

Provides Insights about the Market

Customer reviews can be a source of valuable information for Amazon sellers when it comes to providing insights about the market for specific products. Amazon sellers who are looking to add new products to their list can use amazon review checkers to analyze customer feedback on items they intend to sell online. The review results enable sellers to understand what customers need, including the concerns they have about those items even before they launch they businesses. Sellers can also gain insights on market trends and customer interests so they know which products consumers prefer.

Enables you to Spot Fake Reviews Fast

A review checker such as ReviewMeta does not just filter negative reviews – it also identifies fake reviews published that may have been published about your product. This is important because such reviews present your product in a negative light and causes customers to keep off.

fake review spot

While Amazon has a mechanism of checking and deleting reviews that do not comply with its guidelines from the system, it is important that you keep tabs on your reviews and request the eCommerce site to remove fake ones early before they cause damage to your business.

There are two ways you can go about removing fake reviews. These are:

  • Convincing the customer to change or remove the comment
  • Request Amazon to remove the review on your behalf

Enables Buyers to Make Informed Purchase Decisions

Since product reviews create an online image of a product, they serve as excellent customer support tools for online businesses. This has a huge influence on the purchasing behavior of customers, which businesses can use to their advantage. To do so successfully, you need to know what buyers are saying about your product. Reviews also help sellers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their products. This information enables customers to make purchase decisions that are well informed and in many occasions, find answers to questions they might have about products in customer reviews.

Bottom Line

Reviews mean everything for online businesses. This is because customers value the feedback that fellow customers leave about products or services more than they value information from other sources. As such, online sellers must, at all times, keep track of customer reviews to ensure that they do not compromise their business. The best way to do this is through the use of a review checker. Using this digital tool, sellers are able to spot and act on negative as well fake reviews. This benefits the businesses in various ways as explained above.

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