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Amazon is the world’s marketplace and always will be. It is not an easy task to be a successful seller at such a competitive place. You probably have been looking for the latest market trends, tools to enhance your sales. Everyone’s busy nowadays and looks for user-friendly tolls and interfaces to increase their sales in minimum time but with the highest sales probabilities. To get ahead of the competition, there are multiple keywords search tools are available in the market today and merchant words are one of them.

 What Is Merchant Words?

Merchant words is a detailed database of keywords search for Amazon shoppers. It collects search results from the world’s biggest marketplace amazon. It shows what real shoppers are looking to buy. By using this tool, you can rank your products on the top and grab more buyers just be adopting keywords strategy. You will hit the right buyers with the right products and guarantee sales.

Merchant words have been collecting keywords database since 2012 and till now, it has a database of over 1.6 billion keywords and enabled almost 100,000 entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. The results show you are based on real-life experiences of Amazon shoppers and what they are exactly looking for. Through this powerful database, it is very convenient to get new ideas for a product, diver traffic towards your product and ultimately take your business to new heights.

Merchant Words Pricing

Merchant words are offering three price plans at the moment:

  1. Packages
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum


Amazon single country

Amazon regional data










Keywords Collection




Monthly searches





Merchant Words Services

Merchant words are shopper’s experts. They are offering the following services to its valuable customers:

1.    Listing advisor

2.    Collections

3.    Classic search

4.    Keyword multiplier

5.    Page 1 products

6.    Asin plus


1.    Listing Advisor

                 Merchant words offer the service of listing advisor which contains complete listing services. It has optimized keywords and listing details that guarantee more traffic, increased visibility which finally results in increased sales. All the information in this service is based on the information provided by the user while filling the questionnaire at the start of the service.

2.    Collections

This awesome feature of merchant words allows keyword search and store the keywords information based on Amazon search queries. It offers a variety of keywords search options once you type your desired products. You will be amazed to see the results once you have used this tool.

3.    Classic Search

This search option provides classic search results. You will get unlimited search results including possible alternatives. Through this service, you can get an idea about what and how people are searching for their desired products on Amazon and help you to generate new ideas even about a new product.

4.    Keyword Multiplier

This service multiplies the keyword search results in just a matter of seconds. You enter a keyword, and it became a synonym in seconds. As a result, a number of results will pop up on the screen and you can choose the most creative ideas and grab the attention of your buyers.

5.    Page 1 Products

This is indeed an effective service offered by merchant words. By using it, you can see the list of sellers available on the first page of Amazon. You can view the details of competitors on this page and analyze how they reached this level.

6.    Asin Plus

This tool adopts a reverse approach and display results based on direct amazon keywords searches.


             Final Thoughts

     Merchant words adopted the approach of Google. It displays results according to keywords input and provides the most relevant results. One of the greatest advantages of merchant words is that it is super easy to use with the number of markets it covers. Through its extensive keywords database, it provides the most authentic and real life results. We hope that this merchant words review will help you and you will know how to use merchant words.



1.    Is my info safe?

                 Merchant words are in business since 2012 but still, they do not provide any reliable info about the security of the user’s info. So nothing can be said in this regard.

2.    Do merchant words have a free trial?

                 If you also one of those people who wants to know if merchants words free? Then this is for your kind information that merchant words do not offer any free trial, but if you are not satisfied with the services, you are able to unsubscribe it during the first 14 days of subscription.

3.    Is merchant words reliable?

Merchant words are in business since 2012 and so far so good. With its extensive database, it provides accurate keywords search results and they are continuously in the process of improving their services.


  Description : Merchant words is the most valuable database of keywords search for Amazon shoppers. It collects search results from the world’s biggest marketplace Amazon.


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