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When you’re just starting on your seller journey, selling almost anything might appear intimidating, if not impossible. You’ll find yourself spending hours reading books on how to sell on Amazon, watching numerous podcasts, and checking out online videos on the same topic. Fortunately, things may not be as difficult as they initially appear. In fact, once you create your seller account, starting on this wonderful journey will be easier than ever. All you need is a tad bit of patience because let’s face it: none of us are successful overnight. In this handy guide, we will discuss how exactly one can sell on this popular eCommerce portal and the steps you need to follow to achieve your seller goal. 

Get the Products 

The first step for selling items on Amazon is by understanding what you want to sell. Do extensive research to figure out the products in high demand. One of the simplest ways to do this is by using a product research tool. Once you’re done finding out about the most profitable items, consider sourcing them immediately. Depending on what you’re looking to sell, you can get them from brick and mortar wholesalers or use eBay for the same. Either way, the idea is to get at least 50 to 100 units of one or more items so that you can store them in your inventory and start selling them. Explore your options to settle with the lowest price. Do not overpay while sourcing original products as it is counter-intuitive to your cause. 

Complete the Registration for the Seller Account 

After you’ve collected the right products, it’s now time to spearhead your entrepreneurial journey by creating an Amazon seller central account. As of now, you can either choose from the individual or the professional account, depending on the number of sales you intend to make. The process is simple, and you’re required to key in some basic details about yourself. Additionally, you may also need to add tax information depending on the country you’re doing it from. The policies for your merchant account will vary depending on your location.  

Get Your Listing Uploaded 

After completing the registration, you will need to upload a list of the items you’re looking to sell. You can do this via the tools in your seller account. This will simplify the overall process, and even make it faster. You can, however, also choose to individually list the products through a dedicated seller application.  

This eCommerce portal also allows you to avail their in-house photography and cataloging services. If you need assistance in either of the departments, reach out to them directly.  

People Can Buy Your Items 

Well, this was all about how to sell on Amazon for beginners. After your listing has been duly uploaded on the shopping portal, millions of individuals can see and make a purchase of your listed items. Your listings receive maximum visibility and people have the option of making purchases almost right away. If you sign up for the Amazon fulfillment program, your items are also eligible for Prime or one-day delivery. Additionally, you also have the option of advertising on Amazon to come up with sponsored items. 

Start Delivering 

Once an user places an order for your item, Amazon will notify you about the same via email. You will also get a notification your seller account’s dashboard. If you sign up for the FBA facility, the company will handle everything from storing, getting, and packing your product. Additionally, they will ship it and address all customer queries.  

If you do not sign up for the FBA facility, your account will have a facility for easy shipping whereby the company delivery professionals will pick the items from your location before finally getting it delivered to the end-users.  

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 Make Money 

Well, that’s all you need to do for setting up your Amazon business. You get the flexibility of withdrawing the payments once every fourteen days. This is also applicable to the orders under the pay on delivery scheme.  

 Bottom Line 

Well, that’s as easy as it sounded. You just need to follow these simple steps to be an FBA Amazon seller. The process is quick and given the results it comes to offer, it’s certainly worth your time. Follow them and add your own inputs along the way to be the successful Amazon seller you always dreamt of becoming. 

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